A word is not a word
it is a symbol 
a freedom a soul a slave
a god a religion an image a temple 
a cornerstone upon which we build 
our lives, egos, selves

all other stones will be set in reference 
at what age did we learn
the difference
between one 
or more spoken sounds?

the smallest element that may be uttered
in isolation with meaning
semantic or pragmatic

The Logos, the louse, the belief
the oxymoron, the allegory
the assonance, the holiness,
fuck, faith, breath,

a rose is a thorn is a bird 
is a feather is a sky 
is a maggot 
is a word


  1. i.am.delighted.!!!

    i read the first stanza in google reader and would allow myself to read no further. i responded by writing a poem. i am so happy))) it is nothing to this one, but that your first few lines moved me like this - this is an exciting morning!

    and then your poem! i can't say, can i? but if you could feel the energy pulse out from my shoulders, you would know!

    i am so very pleased to read you.


  2. i am grateful,
    and thank you for reading
    (quite enthusiastically I might add)
    I enjoy your words as well

    best regards,

  3. If a race existed that could only communicate telepathically without need for any words or language or symbology of any sort, would they be superior to ours?

    Is product placement tacky?
    Tossing It Out
    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

    1. Language is the highest form of expression,
      the most basic tool of controlling behaviour,
      of knowing reality and knowing ourselves and the existence of culture. Without the gift of speech, language, and words could we ever acquire cultural values?

      Consciousness presupposes speech as its material reality.

      Would there be a need to express oneself if the mind was open for those that care to pick through it? And isn't that what communicating telepathically is at its core?

      So they may be viewed as superior or more evolved in some ways, but would there be music, books, paintings, sculptures?

      Would there be any art at all in the culture of a race such as this?
      I wouldn't think so, and in my opinion that is not superior.


  4. this interrogation of words as words is fundamental to poetry, is it not? we are linguistic creatures, which is why poetry is so much more than poetry, an investigation into the nature of being itself, at least into the nature of being human ...

    thanks for your visit ... glad to have found you :-)


    1. Thank you for your visit, and reading.

      Glad to have found you as well...

  5. is a word...

    Thank you for
    reading, and commenting.

  6. Anonymous12:11 PM

    This reminds me of the Police song De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da