Infinite repeat

we circle
we search
we go nowhere

there is no other earth
we are a microcosm
a universe in a grain of sand

an effect bereft of cause
a dying star

We circle
we search

we are
in a jar

Bouncing and banging
off translucent walls,

They stare mesmerized by
our low green glow

They laugh and lounge
free at ease
Singing summer's song

we glow despite it all,
Or perhaps we glow
Just because.

Into The Night

The dim train passed,
rusted cars clattered noisily
against an amethyst skyline.

A glow on the horizon
soon to resolve
Into a bright broken
Eggshell moon,

swaying old oak
Orange striped with
Spray paint to mark its
own impending doom.

Soon to be replaced by
bending young pines

Encroaching broken congregation
Of concrete counting the time

as the same graffiti covered
Train clatters
farther down the long
battered line