All While Listening To Holy Ginsberg

The junkies sell their bodies
in bathrooms like
they're manuscripts

they have manuscript
drafts of masterpiece novels
describing the deepest

eccentricities of themselves
they scribbled stanzas
of gibberish

on confluential synchcronicity
they have drawn a map of

the rivers that merge
just south of 7th Avenue
smell of sewage and lost virginity

the country has lost its virginity
when gas is thirty-five.ninety nine
a gallon & we can no longer

drive our coffins on
& the nonsense

these smiley-glad-hands spew
while sipping
their bitter black designer coffee

benzedrine-caffeine-nicotine addled
slumlord won't answer the phone call
of those sleeping in the cold

those sleeping with the cold needles
one bedroom apartment
painting on the walls late at night

painting wartorn landscapes
on walls late at night
inhaling deeply the aerosol
amazed at the blue lights

the mechanical skeletons
controlling the siege engines
with the wailing blue lights and sirens

have never seen them huddled
together under the same blanket
all too human under

the same blanket
skin to skin
pulling in warmth

in defiance
it all

all while
to holy Ginsberg

cry an
out of his