In a lucid drug-induced dream
a girl with keys and dark eyes
led me through a wood

choked with bramble and briars
It is blurry now but I remember
It seems we swam uphill

Are we not drawn onward to new era?
She said, "It always circles back 
on itself, this mystery.

Follow me carefully,
never get too close,
never stray too far,

Out there where the water
swirls and whorls, and parts
awaits a giant snake, 

coiling and uncoiling,
stretching its shining black body
A snake named Palindrome."

I approached and immediately
was bitten and turned to stone
her dark eyes lifted me

she held me on the ride home,
I broke in half in her hands,

dust what once was blood,
weak what once was strong.


  1. Beautiful images, potent with meaning.