If ever i have one i will climb to the rooftop and cry out, 
look at this milkwhite sky roiling beneath an angry sun

amused at these alleys tucked down between the brick legs 
of the building opening windows like mouths accepting anyone 

Gardens growing unkempt on the roof
where we drank gin and listened to jazz,

i had never heard Miles before
i never knew that words could get her 

drunk and slurring.  
She said she just had an epiphany,

it only took a gallon teasing her to articulate explanation 
her voice was an experience like pulling teeth,

a little loss of blood,
and some friendly persuasion.   


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  2. This makes me think of Gatsby, of a Daisy-like character, only not so rich. I especially dig the last three couplets.

    Some Dark Romantic