no man lives without dying
despite the desperation
dragging behind him
acting as if he may make
some legacy that will last

no man fails without trying
at least once to do something
piss poor or great

words never really mattered
in the end they are only
another burden
our shoulders need
bear no more weight

What can we write that will change anything?
What can we do to affect this place?
Does it matter if we do?
Is indifference
my only design in fate?


  1. i think about this often enough, joseph. here's the problem with adopting indifference, existence is composed of all dualities. if there is hate and violence, we must espouse love and peace. if balance isn't struck, we all blink out. if we are born with passion, then necessarily we must play our part. to be insipid like tea bags sitting in the middle, well, they are necessary also, but we are not them. we were not born that way))) we can not adopt their way. we can not adopt anything.

    civilization gets no further, however, for our brief moment we are here.

    our fist, our fist, our fist upon this painful beauty.)))


    1. in the world there is no balance

  2. Hello.
    Interesting thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thank you sir,
      For the comment, and the spotlight
      ...much appreciated.

  3. Anonymous4:09 AM

    I love the second verse here - it sums up so much of my life

  4. Hello Joseph, I just stumbled upon your blog because I was looking to see if anyone else had used the phrase "blood white and blue" before, I just posted a poem I wrote recently on my own blog with this phrase. One of your poems came up and I found myself entranced by your writing... I've been roaming about through your words for many minutes now. Just wanted to tell you thank you for sharing your voice with the world. I feel we are kin, or at least speak the same language :) please pop in and say hello on my blog sometime, I don't post often or consistently but I'd love to network with you... If you have a Facebook look me up my friend,
    Kalee Featherwise

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