How am I ashamed 
yet proud to call you 
my country?

You of the fake patriotism
You of the contagious culture
You of the holier than thou stance on everything
You of the blood, white, and blue
You of the half truth histories
You of the billions served
You of the biased media
You of the brainwashed masses
You of the propped up presidents
You of the hired assassins
You of the hardened arteries
You of rights thinly disguised
You of open arms?
the Latin American
Asian American
African American
Indian American
Native American
Dead American

You have
overthrown totalitarian titans
to claim their iron fist as your own.
America! The asleep
America! The apathetic
America! The obese
You of the commercialized holy days
You of the the eternal wars
You of the painted façade
You of the rotten core

You of the Revolution
You of the rebellious
You of the resolute
You of the strong backs
You of brave, and disposable youth-
The freedom of expression
The lakes, the beauty, the art, the anger,
the disconnection

1 comment:

  1. the land of contradictions unbelievably after the freaken commercial!!!

    passion, closely married with anger

    a necessary poem, joseph, to be written again and again