i am not capitalized

 a stream of consciousness flows from somewhere that is neither here nor there is a way to write automatically if only i could find it in these lines of stiff, and brittle brushes

my fingertips touch the texture crusted with paint, and grime,

i sleep beneath
unused canvases stored away
awaiting the vivid colors 

                                 that never come
here any more, 

staying up late 
with empty bottles, and bent cigarettes.

i am (painting) in a cave,
i am (typing) in a tomb

Without conscious awareness of the content herein. 

i have bloodied my fingers on strings,
i am a dust drawn man with skeletal hands.

i am talentless, and asleep.
i am not capitalized,
i am talentless, and asleep.

Every Artist a killer,
every Poet is a thief,

We would kill our Inspiration
just to sing about the grief.


  1. I was not able to leave a comment (or even find a comment field) for your most recent entries)
    I am one of the people who is participating in the A to Z challenge, so I am blog crawling now to find interesting blogs to subscribe to. Yours is one of them, I loved loved the carved leaves and the artist painting with his feet. Nice to meet you.

  2. Thank you.
    The artist painting with the brush clenched between in his teeth, and between his toes struck some chord in me so I wanted to share the images. There is a link to the entire story above the pictures.
    Nice to meet you as well.

    I am also going to participate in the A to Z challenge now that I have learned some more about it.

    I corrected that problem with my most recent entries.