Surfacing From Her Subterranean Home

The Maiden,
    re-emerges with
eyes as wide as the
sky umbrella overhead

to be away
from that winter

to have the earth burst beneath my feet
like a handful of pomegranate seeds

to distance myself from the despair
I felt at her disappearance.

The golden orb,
the laughing sun,
is nearly as large
as a little fingertip
held up at arm's length.

cyclic and circadian disorder
the lessened amount of light
in winter weighed
heavily upon me

The Maiden,
     re-emerges with
my rhythm and sanity.

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  1. I have been obsessed with the Persephone myth since I can remember. All Greek mythology, though I've never written a poem about it; which is odd because I've written countless short stories about them. Anyway, this post is awesome! I love the last stanza:
    The Maiden,
    re-emerges with
    my rhythm and sanity."